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The Policy Forum for Northern Ireland aims to provide the premier environment for policymakers in the Northern Ireland Assembly, Northern Ireland Executive and government agencies to engage with key stakeholders in timely discussion on public policy issues in the areas that have been devolved to Stormont, or otherwise particularly affect Northern Ireland.

The Forum is putting in place a programme of consultation with members of the Northern Ireland Assembly, senior departmental officials, regulators, industry representatives, charities and action groups, professional bodies and academics, local government and others. We welcome input from any individuals or organisations with an interest in issues relevant to Northern Ireland.

The Policy Forum for Northern Ireland is completely impartial and has no policy agenda of its own. Whilst we are grateful for support and any advice on themes that we receive from sponsors, all editorial decisions remain with the Forum in order to maintain impartiality.

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Westminster Forum Projects | Policy Forum for Northern Ireland

Planning reform in Northern Ireland: progress, economic development and forward strategy

Thursday, 23rd March 2017

Guests of Honour: Angus Kerr, Director, Planning Policy Division, Department for Infrastructure, Northern Ireland Executive and Trevor Rue, Deputy Chief Commissioner, Planning Appeals Commission

Westminster Forum Projects | Policy Forum for Northern Ireland

Education in Northern Ireland - improving attainment and reducing inequalities

Tuesday, 4th April 2017
This event is CPD certified

Guest of Honour: Dr Michael Wardlow, Chief Commissioner, Equality Commission for Northern Ireland

In Production

Lots. The Policy Forum for Northern Ireland is planning a very full programme for the next 12 months.

But as we're the ones others tend to follow, please give us a ring or email to discuss future conferences.

We'd be happy to share ideas on areas to focus on, speaker suggestions, and other ways of getting involved.