Policy Forum for Northern Ireland

Next steps for economic development in Northern Ireland post-Brexit

May 2017

Timed as political discussions on the formation of the Northern Ireland Executive were ongoing, and as UK commenced the process for leaving the European Union, this seminar examined the future for the Northern Ireland economy post-Brexit.

Delegates discussed the latest economic forecasts for Northern Ireland, including for consumer behaviour and in the jobs market, and examined the priorities for traders and exporters - and the challenges to be faced by SMEs, manufacturers and the agri-food sector - and explored the role which local authorities can play in further economic development, including through further devolution of powers.

Those attending assessed the impact of Brexit on higher and further education - including on staff and students, as well as research and innovation funding - and looked at how further collaboration with businesses could promote economic development in line with the Northern Ireland industrial strategy.

Further sessions examined the economic impact of the latest political uncertainty - including looking at examples from other jurisdictions - and looked at the future role of cities as growth engines for the Northern Ireland economy, examining the possibilities for greater devolution and city deals in Northern Ireland. Delegates also looked at priorities for infrastructure development - discussing the need for, and impact of Brexit on, capital investment commitments.

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Shortly after every Policy Forum for Northern Ireland seminar, a briefing document is produced. This is distributed to all delegates on the day as well as to our policymaker contacts in government, and to stakeholders more widely.

A seminar publication provides a timely record of proceedings, and acts as a guide to the latest thinking on current policy issues for those unable to be at the event.

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